Naz Hamid

Five Questions

This is the fourth 5Q interview for Seal Club, featuring
Naz Hamid of Absenter.

  1. What are three things you can’t live without?

    Pretty simple on this one: Love, a watch and a bike.

  2. Baring complications with money/influence/space-time who would you have lunch with and where?

    Henry Rollins. In space overlooking the earth – that would be stunning. I’d pick his brain about subjects and listen to stories about life on the road.

  3. Puppies or kittens?

    Kittens! Though this is pretty tough. I live with two cats, “The Boys” as I call ’em. I like dogs a lot too, especially as pups. My significant other has a dog and he’s cute as heck. I just can’t deal with what she deals with daily. My life’s too hectic for a dog. But cats, feed ’em, play with ’em and they’re happy doing their own thing.

  4. Can you construct a small narrative about sports using the words: anvil, elephant and orbital-death-ray?

    It was a short-lived sport — The Orbital-Death-Ray Showdown was tough on its contestants but the rewards were plentiful and generous. It involved, well, a death-ray of course. Many didn’t survive the game because if you lost, you were dead.

    The last competitor, the only winner, was an inventive fellow. He used an elephant as his transport across the games’s many levels — Mamatuu was its name — and he won by using a simple anvil to destroy the death-ray. Which unfortunately, was the reason of how the game came to an end.

  5. What are two albums that you’d listen to on a sunny day?

    Maserati – “The Language of Cities” and The Velvet Teen – “Elysium”

Pimp two websites:

  • Treesquirrel – The photography of Jen Schuetz. Yep, she’s my significant other and I did her site but her work really is so good.
  • Decisive Moments – Whether Luke writes short entries or long entries or if he’s posting photos, there’s always something worth experiencing and coming away with.

Khoi Vinh

Five Questions

This is the third 5Q interview for Seal Club, featuring
Khoi Vinh of Subtraction.

  1. What’s missing in your kitchen?

    A dishwasher and a garbage disposal. It’s the East Village, after all.

  2. You wake up covered in tomato sauce. There’s a camel sleeping beside you and nautical charts on the wall. What happened?

    Some kind of weird, maritime re-enactment of the infamous horse’s
    head scene from “The Godfather.” However, I’m delighted to be playing
    the John Marley role; you should hear me scream in terror.

  3. Puppies or kittens?

    Puppies, no question, and not just because I’m allergic to cats.

  4. Can you tell us something using these terms: cloud, embargo, penguin, third-base and unsubstantiated?

    Nothing coherent, but here goes: Clouds are fine. President Carter’s 1980
    grain embargo against the Soviet Union is one of the first political
    memories I have. Penguins make for winning logos — just look at the marks
    for Munsingwear’s Penguin line of clothing or for Penguin books; both are
    classics. Prime Minister Pete Nice of the white rap duo 3rd Bass is the
    founder of the Baseball Fans Hall of Fame. Unsubstantiated is a great
    sounding word.

  5. What are your top three songs for late at night?

    “Atmosphere” by Joy Division
    “Unresponsive Ears” by The Fever Zone
    “Thirteen” by Kathryn Williams

Pimp two websites: – Todd Levin is hilarious
Absenter – Naz Hamid takes photos
so good they make you embarrassed to pick up a camera

Michael Heilemann

Five Questions

This is the second 5Q interview for Seal Club, featuring
Michael Heilemann of Binary Bonsai

  1. What is your favourite forumla?

    Dude, I’m a graphics artist, I gladly left behind most of my math sk1llz when I left the examination table in school.

  2. You are on a speedboat being attacked by ninja assassins. What do you do?

    I kill the people on the speedboat and fly off along with my ninja brethren. Sometimes I curse this wretched life of living as an traditional Japanese warrior, but then I think of the injustices I fight against along with my crack squad of ninja warriors. Away! [poof]

  3. Puppies or kittens?

    Don’t make me choose man, it’s not fair!! NOOOoooo [jumps into volcano]… Alright, I’ll go with Kittens!

  4. If you could go anywhere/when, what celebration would you go to?

    The capitulation of Germany in 1945.

  5. Two turntables or a microphone?

    In my dreams, two turntables… But I’ve tried it, and I suck; It’s indefinitely harder than one would think!

Pimp two websites:
I would go for Wikipedia, but that would be a waste since everyone already knows about it… Right?… RIGHT?!
So instead, because I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and gamy these days, I’ll go for
Mobygames as an indispensible database of gaming
nostalgia goodness. And then Abandonia
for supplying me with abandonware games as far as the eye can see :)

Eduardo Recife

Five Questions

This is the first 5Q interview for Seal Club, featuring
Eduardo Recife of Misprinted Type

  1. What do you listen to?

    I’ve been listening to all kinds of things lately… Here goes
    a few: Silverstein, Bayside, Queens of the Stone Age, New Order,
    Juli, Racionais, Thursday, etc…

  2. How many pairs of socks do you own?

    Uhmm… a whole bunch of socks… And there’s quite a few with
    holes in it, that I don’t use anymore, but they are always in my

  3. Puppies or kittens?

    Definately puppies. I love dogs!

  4. What scares the hell out of you?

    Things you can’t control.

  5. What’s the earliest memory you have?

    Im not quite sure what was the earliest, I have quite a few scenes in head..
    But one that was remarkable and probably has a lot to do with the things I
    do today was when I was (around) 4 years old, in kindergarden, and the teachers
    asked us to draw something… I drew a tree and put all leaves on the branches, and
    they were just mesmerized by it, and everybody went to my table and the teachers
    were all excited and blah blah… maybe thats when I realized it was something I could
    do better…

Pimp two websites: – daily dosage of the best links! – HerbertĀ“s work is just impressive!