Five Questions

This is the fourteenth 5Q interview for Seal Club, featuring Zach Inglis of his personal domain.

  1. What's your favourite mode of transportation?

    Telekinesis. I like to fly to all my meetings. Get lots of fresh air, doesn't pollute the atmosphere and general all around fun.

  2. How often do you listen to music?

    Not as much as I used to but a damned lot. Mostly listen to TV while I work, keeps me refreshed. With music, I listen to the same song until I start to hate it.

  3. Puppies or kittens?

    Puppies. Have 4 at the moment and they just have way more character than any cat.

    NOTE: To the cat lovers out there, please don't send me death threats.

  4. Can you construct a brief narrative using the words: exaggerate, fortuitous, pander, robot and waffle?

    I once knew a robot of gigantic stature. Being enormous and speaking with a lisp, he was very self conscious. After 4 years of doing nothing but stomping farm animals, he decided that he'd do something more with his life and build up his confidence. So, he sat down to think -- he could be a chef, a waffle house chef at first, and then work up the ranks. But he didn't want to pander to the breakfast crowd. He had been very fortuitous in life and excelled at anything he did. We could exaggerate, but he recited Pi... backwards.

    Wow, think I could write a book about him?

  5. How do you think?

    Usually 10 times at once. Many thoughts going through my mind at any given time.

    The question I want to know is how do I not think? It's a mystery to me still.

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April 12th, 2006 by Dave