Five Questions

This is the thirteenth 5Q interview for Seal Club, featuring Matt Brett of his personal domain.

  1. Given a temporal observation bubble, what historical event would you choose to watch?

    Being a World War II nut, I think I'd have to say The Battle of the Huertgen Forest (Hill 400) 1944-1945 - provided my bubble could last a few months. It wasn't one of the more 'famous' battles during WWII, but definitely one of the crucial points and something like 30,000 Americans died trying to capture it.

  2. What's the coolest toy you own?

    I've got a bunch of those Todd McFarlane's Dragons. Man, those things are rad as hell! Besides those, my Xbox 360 would probably classify as a toy and it's pretty awesome.

  3. Puppies or kittens?

    I don't think I can take sides any more. I've always been a dog person - grew up with a couple Boxers and my Mom still has 3. Absolutely love those dogs. But our cats (Shiznit and Gaius) are amazing and I just love them.

  4. How many hours of sleep do you average?

    I've been doing pretty good lately - around 7, give or take.

  5. What three games do you find yourself playing again and again?

    Half-Life 2, Call of Duty series (currently replaying COD2 on the 360) and the Need for Speed series.

Pimp two websites:

  • - I don't think many gamers know about this site. Awesome source for getting wicked high res game related desktops.
  • - Nice little service for throwing together an online portfolio. It's free for the moment and showing tons of potential.

March 22nd, 2006 by Dave