Five Questions

This is the twelfth 5Q interview for Seal Club, featuring Bryan Veloso of Avalonstar.

  1. What two meals will you never get sick of?

    Chicken Fried Rice w/ Sweet & Sour Chicken.
    White Rice, Sausage Links & Corned Beef.

  2. Are we actually automatons in a giant machine?

    If yes, then whoever is the cause of all this is a pretty smart guy. Also if yes, I'm requesting my own mecha.

  3. Puppies or kittens?

    Dude, I have 3 children kittens. So definitely kittens. Although, we are looking at getting a puppy.

  4. What video games are you playing right now?

    Wild Arms: Alter Code F (for PS2) & Burnout: Revenge (for 360)

  5. How far back can you remember?

    When I was 2, living in Jersey City, NJ.

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March 9th, 2006 by Dave