Five Questions

This is the tenth 5Q interview for Seal Club, featuring Matthew Good of Mblog.

  1. It's after midnight, you've just arrived home, deep in the throes of hunger -- what do you make to eat?

    Cheese and onion sandwich with loads on mayo and hickory sticks.

  2. What's the stupidest New Year's resolution you've ever made?

    When I was single - that I'd stop sleeping around. Now married for 3 years - that I'd stop sleeping so much. Oh the irony.

  3. Puppies or kittens?


  4. Ignoring implausibility (money, power, reality), what two public figures would you choose to have duke it out in a chessboxing match?

    Either Briana Banks or Sky Lopez. Them vs me. If that's possible within the regulations of the sport. Nude preferably as well, though I'd think it would just need to be them.

  5. What makes you happy?

    Nice fronts and backs.

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January 7th, 2006 by Dave